Lake George Classic »

This Adirondack lakefront home has classic features such as cedar shingles with woven corners and granite covered exposed foundation. The house features expansive windows & glass doors along with exterior living spaces that take full advantage of the waterfront location. Those exterior living spaces include a screen porch, open cable-railed deck and covered porches at the front entry as well as upper bedrooms. A natural stone terrace at the water’s edge completes the lakefront living arrangement.

The lower level guest areas takes full advantage of the gently sloping site.

A custom milled and turned balustrade is featured prominently in the entry foyer. Further examples of fine woodworking can be seen in the extensive cabinetry built-ins that are featured throughout the home including the loft beds, bookshelves and bench seat.

Project Credits

Architect: Christopher Eling & Joan Heaton architects
Landscape Architect: Defranco Landscaping
Photography: Gary Hall

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